If you have a few days available, I can work out a programme tailored to your needs, alternating the courses with gourmet theme visits or 1-day sightseeing tours to discover the delights of the region.

I can accompany you on your journey to discover the artistic splendours of Valpolicella, famous for its prestigious wines and gastronomic specialities, and/or acquaint you with Lessinia with its  characteristic karst scenery and well-known for the production and processing of dairy produce, such as the renowned Monte Veronese P.D.O. cheese.
It goes without saying that I can organise a tour to the city of Verona or to the east side of Garda Lake and its hinterland.

I’ll arrange to have you picked up and taken back to your hotel, the station or the airport. The cost depends on the distance travelled and I’ll inform you in advance.

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